Hello anglers,

We had excellent yellowtail fishing today with limits for the group. Using a live bait, a yo-yo lure or a surface iron worked well. All the fish were associated with kelp paddies. We saw some more bluefin tuna that wouldn’t bite, but we did mange to land seven 30-40 pounders out of one stop on a large school that stuck with us for a couple of hours. You needed 25 pound with fluorocarbon and a #2 hook to get a bite.

Brush up on surface iron fishing techniques here: Tackle Tip: Surface Irons

Many thanks to Jack Nilsen and Accurate Fishing Products for their excellent sponsorships of this trip and many others. It’s  fun crew to fish with, too!

Captain Art and Team Searcher

Ed H and crewman Justin with a bluefin. Nice shirt, Ed! Team Accurate Fishing Products!