Day 1:

Hello anglers,

We departed on our first trip of the 2019 season today. Thanks to Everingham Brothers Bait Company for a tremendous load of bait. 

We briefed everyone on safety items and then talked about rigging for this afternoon’s fishing for bluefin tuna. We recommended fly-line sardines with fluorocarbon and a 2/0 circle hook, a flat fall lure with 150 pound leaders and finally a live bait outfit with a 6 oz sinker.

We arrived in the zone and started seeing fish immediately. We several spots of fish all afternoon but couldn’t get any response. There were no boils or bites until the final stop of the day. We hooked four bluefin and landed three in the 50-pound range. Here is Bernard C. his bluefin landed on a flat fall lure.

We have beautiful calm seas and are looking forward to tomorrow.

Capt Art and Team Searcher