Hello Anglers!

We have been asked about Tackle Talk at the DOCK! and some more details. So here, they are…..

Yes, we are SOLD out but we have had some openings so make sure you you Sign up for the waitlist.

Parking is FREE in the green areas per the map. If you park in the red you will have to pay for parking. (The spots are parked with 72 hour parking or 2 hour. Also if you park by Jimmy’s famous tavern it is only 2 hour parking.) Just make sure you look at the paint. If you park across the street in the lot it is free and you can be there all day.

3rd FAQ Tackle Talk at the DOCK! starts at 9am and will be ending at 2pm. You can come anytime during that time. You can come, leave, and come back.(There is tons of restaurant within walking distance. We will not be serving full meals just tastings. Blue squares are restaurants.) We will be having seminars and tastings through out that time.