Good morning anglers,

We’re scratching at some yellowtail this morning. There’s also a fair sign of big bluefin around the boat as we sit here on the anchor.  We’ve had a few attempts on the kite and boated one.  The weather’s picking up so we’re hanging in here as long as we can right now.

Captain Mike and the boys

Good evening anglers,

We had a very long day with poor weather conditions and tough fishing this afternoon. We caught a few more yellowfin and saw a lot of bluefin. We caught one more 50# bluefin on the anchor.

But the sun went down and they turned on again. We’re picking at 100-200# bluefin on the lures right now. We’re still drifting on our first stop and it’s almost midnight now.  Gotta go. There’s two hanging!

Captain Mike and the boys