Good morning anglers,

We’ve had some action on the yellowfin again this morning and it’s the same grade as yesterday. Same spot, beautiful weather. The sharks are getting a few more this morning than they did yesterday afternoon, but we’re still getting some despite them.

The anglers fishing 60# aren’t landing a whole lot, but those using 80lb are coming in for the most part.

Captain Mike and the boys

Fred, pro-staffer with Seeker Rods

Good evening anglers,

We had another good flurry here this afternoon. We’re still on our first anchor job from yesterday and are still seeing a pretty good sign here throughout the day.  Around the flurries we were able to scratch up some beauties. The majority of the evening fish were 90-100lbs. 

The sharks definitely got their share today but seemed to back off late in the day. We’re made some mackeral when the sun went down and are going to hang tight for another night and see what the morning brings.  

Captain Mike and the boys

Captain Mike and Anne with a Guadalupe-grade yellowfin tuna