Hello anglers,

We had a little action last night flat falling lures on a school of larger bluefin tuna. We had multiple bites and capitalized on 7 fish over 100 pounds and one or two could be 200 pounds.Currently we are anchored and hooking 30-40 pound bluefin. This morning it is all flyline sardine with 30 pound line and floro carbon and a #1 hook.

Captain Art & Team Searcher

Here is a photo of one of the biggest fish we landed last night.

Hello anglers,

We had some good action at times today with plenty of opportunities to catch a quality bluefin tuna. The weather is up a little tonight, so we hope it diminishes so we can try flat falling again. Flyline sardine was the prefered method. Trying this spot again tomorrow.

Captain Art and Team Searcher

Congrats, Ben!