Good morning anglers,

We had a very good opportunity on jumbo bluefin when we showed up on scene this morning. They stuck with the boat for a few hours.  We only landed a few but there was definitely a shot at a trophy.  Things seem to be on the upswing here.  We’re starting to pick at school grade fish now and some yellowtail.

Captain Mike and the boys


Good evening anglers,

We scratched at yellowtail and school-grade bluefin most of the day.  We picked up the anchor just after lunch and started seeing incredible sign of these jumbo bluefin right away. They were around and they wanted to bite just a little on the flyers. We were on them until dark, and as we were winding our last kite fish in we started to hook some flat fall fish. Looks like were going to be a little late again, but well worth the effort.

Captain Mike and the boys

Jolene with her size large bluefin