Good morning anglers,

We started this morning scratching on 20-30lb yellowtail.  We’re hoping we could also catch some bluefin on the anchor as well.  Around 9am it didn’t seem like we would, so we moved and stopped on a large flat spot (click to find out what a “flat spot” is!) of mixed grade bluefin 30-100+lbs and we have been plunking ever since.

Captain Mike and the boys

One of our CalFire heroes taking a break from wildfires to catch a few bluefin!

Good evening anglers,

We were able to sit and drift on that same fish until about 3pm. We made a little move to try catch some big ones this afternoon and tonight we’ve got one on the boat. Good fish around the boat right now. We are hoping for a few more before we put the anchor down for the night.

Captain Mike and the boys