Good morning anglers,

We had a little shot at the big yellows again this morning.  It was short-lived and now we just watch these 100lb tuna boil around right next to the boat.  We have hooked a handful but haven’t managed to get any on the boat yet due to tackle failure and a large shark that has been under the boat all morning. We’re going to go look at another part of the island for the rest of the day.

Captain Mike and the boys

These anglers are all tall (so those are big yellows)!

Good evening anglers,

We went looking this afternoon after a slow morning and scored big time.  We went up the island and had a sonar school of 75-110lb yellowfin on the edge.  We hooked a couple right away then it backed off and we were about to leave it and we hooked another one and then we slowly picked up momentum until it was in the corner biting 80lb. We drifted until the sun went down. Great way to end the trip.

Captain Mike and the boys