Good morning anglers,

Beautiful weather here today!  We’re seeing some sign of these big yellowtail here on the other side of the island as well as mixed grade yellowfin, 30-100lbs.  We’ve caught a few including a pair of 50lbers We’re going spot-to-spot seeing what we can come up with and we’re coming up with some trophies.  These fish are big and mean so naturally there’s a high casualty rate.

Captain Mike and the boys

A trophy won by David!

Good evening anglers,

We circumnavigated the island today and caught something at every spot we hit.  At about 5:30, we pulled up to our last spot and started marking 100lb yellowfin and 30-40lb yellowtail.  We spun a circle and the tuna boiled up right away, so we put the anchor down. We never hooked a tuna but the yellowtail started biting right away and bit until the sun went down.  They were biting the yoyo jigs, the dropper loop mackerel, and the fly lined mackerel as well. The full size mint Salas 7x heavys that Fred gave everyone were the hot lure here this evening.

Captain Mike and the boys

Kenny and Ernie with their island slugs