Good morning,

We slid further down The Ridge last night to try for some yellowtail and see if there was any wahoo around.  We haven’t seen any wahoo yet but we had a pretty good shot at some big yellowtail that are 20-45lbs, mostly 30lbs and up.  There was a one hour bite window and then we just caught them one at a time until lunch. Big bruisers on the mackeral we caught the other day and on the yo yo jigs.  We’re moving up to  see if we can find some ‘hoos now.

Captain Mike and the boys

Good evening,

Minimal sign of wahoo this afternoon but we did hook one and lost it at gaff.  We had a drift on mixed-grade tuna as well in our search. They were 10-25lbs.  We ended the day here grouper fishing.  We managed a handful of these beasts.  We’re going to try a little tonight them move up to where we were yesterday for our last day on The Ridge.

Captain Mike and the boys

Grouper caught on 80# with a dropper loop and large Spanish mackerel