Good morning anglers,

Pretty windy here today. Traveling down 18-22 knots and it’s been slow-going with this uphill current.  We have, however, been getting some noteworthy strikes today on big wahoo traveling down to keep us interested.  We’re about an hour out from the ridge, and will report back later!

Captain Mike and the boys

Allen and Craig are looking pretty stoked with their morning scores!

Good afternoon anglers,

We picked up some more skin on the way down here this afternoon. We got stopped short on a dorado kelp with all the dorado you could ever want, ranging 6-20 lbs! We tagged a few and saved a few more for the galley.  We got to the upper end of the ridge here at around 3pm, looked around a  bit, and saw some fish to put the anchor down. Immediately we started picking up mixed grade 12-35lbs.  Although we got a sample, the skip jack got on us and even when we tried moving we weren’t able to get reestablished.  We’ll see what happens tonight and tomorrow!

Captain Mike and the boys

Rusty and EZ proudly displaying some skin.