Good morning anglers,

Wer’e drifting today isntead of driving around all day and night, so it’s a better day!

We couldn’t find the spots up we saw in the afternoon yesterday when the sun went down.  So we relocated to a different zone and caught a couple 50lbers last night.  This morning all we see is big ones and they’re are biting.

The fish are 80-180lbs and we haven’t caught one under 100. They’re all coming on the sinker rigs.  They’re very hard to catch and we’re losing a lot of them at the moment.

If you are coming on an upcoming trip, make sure you bring a rail rod and large 2-speed reel with 80-100lb.

Captain Mike and the boys

Congrats John!

Good evening anglers,

We plunked on these big fish all afternoon.  They bit all day today, and though it was better in the morning, we were still seeing them and getting bites in the afternoon.

Lots of heartbreaks today, lots of opportunity. A sinker rig on 80lb was the go-to outfit for best success.  Any fish we hooked on 60lb, ended up getting away. These fish are no joke.  We tried a few schools in the dark before heading home, but our anglers are exhausted, so we’re going to call it and end on a high note here.

Captain Mike and the boys