Good afternoon fellow anglers,

We left yesterday evening for a 2.5 day trip, with 17 very excited anglers. The bluefin have been biting very well in the dark, so our goal was to reach the grounds extremely early in the morning. Everyone ate a delicious dinner, they got rigged up, and were on their way to their bunks for a very short nap.  Once we reached the zone we were able to locate a very nice school of fish that wanted to stick to the boat.

Thanks to some good information we knew what we were up against, and so the anglers were advised to fish no less than 80 pound test and that really paid off! We landed some some beautiful bluefin tuna in the dark. Not one fish was was under 100lbs, including the amazing 192lb bluefin caught by Steve R. Once the sun came up we looked at a few more schools of tuna that would not cooperate, so we spent the later morning looking for kelps and have had a lot of fun catching some quality yellowtail. It’s been a great trip so far and we still have so much time left to go!

Armando and the Searcher Crew

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Steve R. started his trip off right with this 192# bluefin!

Good evening anglers,

We had some very fun fishing this afternoon! We found school after school of the 200 pound range bluefin. It’s great to be able to say that the kite is back in action. Although it was tough to get on the right school, we finally found one that wanted to play. We managed to land three kite fish in the 200 pound range and one jig fish right before dark. We also hooked quite a few on the sinker rig but those proved difficult to land. But that definitely did not end the day of fishing.

As I am writing this at 9pm we just hooked our first fish in the dark. Lately that has been the best fishing. Doug had 2-100lb bluefin last night on the knife jig. Do not forget your heavy gear! We have to get back to work and try to hook some more.

Armando and Searcher crew

Check out these tackle suggestions: Tackle for Offshore Trips

Caught on the kite by day!