Hello anglers:

We saw scattered sign of bluefin tuna last night and throughout the morning. We’re starting to see much more volume now at lunchtime.

Opportunities to get a fish to bite are not easy to come by, but Jason managed to get a nice one on the sinker rig.

We’re currently pulling on a heavier model. We’ll check back later.

Captain Mike and the boys

p.s. A recent Tackle Tip Thursday on Sinker Rigs here: Avoid Sinker Rig Tangles

Jason boated our first fish of 2022!

Good evening anglers,

Good bluefin tuna watching with a very good sign of 80-150lb fish throughout the afternoon. They just were not in the biting mode though.  We did manage a few trophies however, and also had some heartbreaks.

Everything we’ve caught today has been on the sinker rig.

Captain Mike and the boys

Just a few fish caught today, but they are trophies