Good morning anglers,

We’ve had some good action on the yellowtail. Most of the fish are 10-15lbs.  There is a sign of dorado and yellowfin on these kelps too. We’ve managed to catch a few, but the yellowtail seemed too aggressive to catch many.

Captain Mike and the boys

Here’s a sample from our first stop

Good evening anglers,

The yellowtail action continued for most of the afternoon.  We had a little lull, but we got back on them.  We are starting to see some small schools of mixed bluefin and yellowfin now as well. We just boated a couple.

We have a little bit of time to flat fall tonight. We’ve got one flat fall fish on the boat and good fish swimming through us here now.

Captain Mike and the boys

Manny caught this 30lber on a flylined sardine right before sundown