Good morning anglers,

We spent our morning scratching away at 8-15lb yellowtail this morning on kelps. We have had a few opportunities at some nice grade dorado as well, but have yet to boat one.

Here is Dong with his first ever yellowtail!

We have been looking at bluefin tuna all morning as well. They seem to be in a funky mood however, and have yet to respond to the bait. We currently have a school sitting under us but they are not biting. It seems like they may be starting to move up in the water column, so we’re hoping for a big afternoon. Plenty of time left to fish. We will check back later.

Captain Mike and the boys






Good evening anglers,

The bluefin tuna and yellowfin tuna did not want to cooperate today. They stayed down all day. We did see a couple nice schools but they did not cooperate. We were able to scratch up some more yellowtail this afternoon, including Keith’s jackpot pending one seen here which looks to be about 18lbs.

Captain Mike and the boys