Good morning anglers,

We stopped on a nice school of bluefin in the dark and picked one up on the flat fall. There was a very good sign of fish, however we were forced to relocate due to an unannounced Navy training exercise.

We have gotten on a different batch of fish since then and have been picking away at 30-50lb bluefin. We’ll check back in a bit. We’re currently in a stop.

Captain Mike and the boys

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Bluefin in the dark

Good evening anglers,

We had a nice “plunker” going for most of the day on 30-50lb bluefin, In fact, we just about have our daily limit.

We got another shot late on the same grade of fish, as well as some 60lb yellowfin. We’re going to try flat falls tonight and camp out and try again in the morning.

Captain Mike and the boys

Jeanine and a sample from today’s catch.