Good afternoon anglers,

We headed out yesterday morning for an extended 1.5 day trip. Once we loaded our bait, we were on our way to the local fishing grounds. We found some great looking water, but unfortunately there was little sign of fish, so we decided to make a move. We traveled south throughout the night and woke up to some great weather and good water. At around 9 a.m. Bryce spotted a nice kelp. Once we pulled up to the kelp, the yellowtail and dorado started biting. Brothers Ryder and Hayden (pictured below) worked together to land their very first yellowtail, and it was a nice one. Greg also caught a great yellow with the assist from Justin. Everyone on board is enjoying a great lunch from Mike and Dan, and we are on the hunt for more fish.

Captain Armando and the Searcher

Greg got a nice local yellowtail on a kelp patty!

Good evening anglers,

After our good start on a kelp in the morning, we began to travel. We were pretty far down south so we began to move up to the north. There was a pretty good stretch of cold dirty water that we had to power through. The really great thing about these extended 1.5 day trips is that it allows us to cover so much ground. As soon as the water began to clean up it also started to rise in temperature and we knew we were back in a good zone. We began to see a lot of bird life which is always a great sign. We got on a great line of kelp patties that were loaded with dorado and yellowtail. The fish were a bit line shy, but we managed to put together a very fun afternoon. We are just wrapping up dinner and are on our way home. We had a very fun and exciting day with some amazing passengers.

Captain Armando and the Searcher

This great dorado was landed a live sardine and Bryce came in with a great gaff shot.