Good morning anglers,

Pretty good sign of yellowtail this morning in the 15-30lbs.  They weren’t really in the biting mood but we scratched some on the fly-lined sardines, yo yo jigs and the colt snipers.  It fizzled out around 11 am though. We’re on the hunt for bluefin now.

Captain Mike and the boys

Good evening anglers,

We had a very long afternoon as we looked at lots of big bluefin with very few bites. We broke it up and filled some sacks with some nice big sheepshead and giant reds.

At the bottom of the 9th ,on the way home at 930, we found a school that acted right. We were unbundling rods and tying lures back on.  It was a very good opportunity on 70-200lb fish. They stuck with the boat for about a hour.  We had lots of bites, lots of heart breaks, lots of tangles, but we scored some trophies like this 188# Danielle landed.  Great way to end the trip!

Captain Mike and the boys

Caught on a Diawa SL lure