Good morning anglers,

We got a shot at the size large bluefin this morning.  We landed two: a 130# and a 140#.  Here’s Cole and Greg with their trophies.

We are seeing lots of fish around right now.  We stopped on an enormous school a few minutes ago and they’re jumping around the boat. not getting any bites though.  We’re hoping they start to bite this afternoon.  

Many thanks to Aftco for the awesome face coverings–perfect for anglers!

~Captain Mike and the boys

Good evening anglers,

We had some action chasing around small boilers of yellowfin tuna this afternoon. We could not get on a school of bluefin until after dark. Then we stopped on a jumbo school of big ones around 930pm. We’re just gettin gout of our stop here at 11:30 p.m. We went 6 for 13.  The smallest one was around 70lbs and the biggest one we landed was 130+lbs. Only one fish was under 100 pounds. We hooked some much bigger ones that escaped. We hooked all our fish on the flat falls and sinker-rig mackeral. The ones we landed all came in on either 80lb or 100lb test. Here’s the first 5 trophies that came over the rail.

Click here for some info on “sinker rig” fishing! Time for some sleep.

Captain Mike and the boys