Good morning anglers,

We are having a fun morning here, scratching away at  bluefin, yellowfin and dorado, and it’s pretty fun fishing right now. It is finesse fishing, using 25lb and small hooks. We are currently in a bluefin stop with a couple on deck and a couple hanging. We’re hoping we can plunk away on them here.

Here is Sheri with a dorado she caught flylining a sardine this morning. Nice work!

Captain Mike and the boys

Good evening anglers,

Our plunker drift from lunchtime turned into quite a stop. We drifted until we had our limit of 25-40lb bluefin. The go-to set up was a 25lb set up with a #1 or #2 hook. If you fished the right tackle and used a little finesse, it was game on. We did catch a few more yellowfin in the mix as well. All and all, we had a great trip, all smiles and high fives here. Here’s Captain Armando and Kevin with a 30lb bluefin he caught on a fly lined sardine.

Captain Mike and the boys