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Tuna Research by Team Searcher and YOU!

Sportfishing Association of California and Commerical Passenger Fishing Vessels (CPFV) Collaborate on Tuna Research

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San Diego-based Sportfishing Association of CA initiated a collaboration between scientists and recreational anglers.

Tuna caught by you and your fellow recreational anglers now provides resource managers and scientists with valuable data, in addition to gracing the dinner tables of family and friends. These data, collected by the CPFV fleet Captains and crew members, may allow decision-makers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and California Department of Fish and Wildlife to more effectively manage fisheries in southern California and northern Baja California, Mexico.

Since the 2015 fishing season, Searcher and other CPFVs have been involved in the program which was proposed by the SAC and implemented by Alayna Siddall, SAC’s Director of Science and Communications. The project has Captains and crew members measure tuna (all species) lengths according to a standard protocol and then record them on waterproof data sheets.SAC data sheet

These data can be used to determine total take by weight of tuna in the local region (southern California and northern Baja California, Mexico) and help inform future stock assessments. This information is needed in order to estimate the catch in a more accurate way.

SAC provided the crew member training, all equipment, and data sheets. In addition they process the data, along with CEC Research, and make it available to outside entities such as NOAA and California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Team Searcher is 100% supportive of these efforts that will help protect recreational anglers’ fishing interests.

SAC data gather

Ryan L., Captains Aaron and Art measure and record sizes of these small yellowfin tuna from a 2016 trip.

“We are happy to participate in data collection and be proactive, as resource managers assess stocks and possibly make changes to bag limits. We hope to see an increase in that limit for bluefin tuna in California due to information this program provides.”
–Captain Art


This project will continue through 2017, and hopefully for several years to come. When catch is loaded off Searcher and placed into carts, and before it makes its way to the fish processor, you might notice our crew measuring and recording the lengths of your tuna. Your fish has the potential to benefit the entire fleet and future generations of anglers…just in case you needed even more incentive to get out fishing!

if you’d like more information on this program, contact SAC’s Director of Science and Communication: Alayna Siddall

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