Happy 50th Anniversary, Searcher!
It has been 50 years on the water. Filled with smiles and fish. How many fish have hit the deck in 5 decades? We don’t know, but there’s so much more to celebrate.
  • All the smiles on faces.
  • Excitement, challenges, and sporting fun.
  • Skills put to the test.
  • Family and friends moments shared.
  • Respect gained for ocean’s creatures.
  • Careers made and teamwork in action.  

To celebrate 50 years of fishing we put together a video of some of our favorite memories and angler submissions. We are so grateful for each and every angler that comes aboard. You are all members or our Searcher family. All the years and all the memories are what keeps us going. We love fishing and we love sharing our passion with you. Here is many more years on the water. Happy Birthday Searcher! Searcher pride, respect for the platform, and dedication to the craft passed down from first owners, Bill and Ingrid Poole. We are so happy to be her caretakers now at the beautiful age of 50. Step on board and you are part of the Searcher family!