Philip’s brother-in-law has a brain tumor. To help, read below. If you can help with a monetary donation, thank you! Let me know and I’ll send you a Searcher t-shirt!

Christian had his fourth brain surgery on August 28th, 2007 in San Jose, Costa Rica. Since that time his condition has deteriorated to the point where he still has not eaten since August 28th, is in severe pain and now has meningitis.The meningitis may have been prevented as we had the following advice from Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.
"It seems like the fluid draining from the wound is CSF (cerebro spinal fluid) in Spanish (liquido cefalo raquidio). Probably when the nurse removed the drain, she didn’t put a stitch or even if she did there is still drainage. This is very dangerous because if he gets an infection he will develop meningitis. I recommend for the doctor to recheck the wound and tried to close with a stitch hopefully that will stop the fluid."

Christian Back in the Hospital
The preceding advice was not followed and Christian and he was discharged from the hospital with no instructions on how to care for him. He has now been readmitted to Hospital San Juan de Dios as he became non responsive. He is talking a bit and still can recognize loved ones. They are treating the meningitis but seem very pessimistic. The following advice is from Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles.
"They shouldn’t be so negative about it– meningitis is dangerous but with appropriate care he can be ok. They should do cultures of the cerebrospinal fluid and give them IV antibiotics to treat.
Please keep me informed."

Christian to go home again soon
Doctors at San Juan Dios Hospital say he could die at any time or he could hang on for a few months; no one knows for sure. They plan on sending him home to die shortly.

If you would like to help Christian, the need is greater than ever.

The Christian Rodriguez Fund
2655 W. Carson St.
Torrance, CA 90503

Current needs:
An orthopedic bed for his home
A nurse to administer antibiotics and watch over him
Purchase all of his meds as well as all other medical needs including bandages, morphine, and every other medical needs.
Help to pay for day to day living expenses
Help to pay for clothing and schooling for his children and so much more

If you can help take away some of the tremendous pressure on this family, it would be deeply appreciated by all of us.