Father-Son Score

by Bill Roecker

Jason Fulton chartermastered the annual Accurate four-day trip aboard Searcher with owner/skipper Art Taylor. After the weigh-in he posed with the winners.

"We had excellent kelp paddy fishing," said Art at Point Loma Sportfishing, where he had docked to take some of the pressure off Fisherman’s Landing. Four boats arrived early August 4, creating a "dockjam."

Chad Creason of San Bernardino garnered the top spot for his 30-pound yellowtail. He got it with a sardine on a 3/0 ringed Gorilla hook on pink 30-pound Ande line. He said he used an Avet JX reel and a Calstar 755 rod.

Chad’s dad Clay Creason of Yucaipa was second for a 29-pounder, and Spencer Stoetzel of Baltimore, MD won third place for a 27-pound yellowtail.