Dodo Biting Now by Bill Roecker First grade teacher Kim Day of Sacramento made her fifth fishing trip aboard the Searcher with skipper Art Taylor, and got her best dorado ever under a paddy, with a sardine on 40-pound line. She also assisted in the lineup shot, posing with Tom Tewksbury’s second-place 35.4-pound yellow, while he held on to his 28-pound halibut. Art Taylor handled the driving chores on the five-day trip, which visited Cedros Island. Ken Bush of El Cajon won first place for a 36.2-pound yellowtail. He said he got that one on a 2/0 ringed Owner Flyliner hook, 30-pound Maxima line, an Avet 3X reel and a Seeker six and a half-foot rod. Pat Patino of Orange won third place for a 34-pound yellowtail, and Matt Gilchrist joined the winners with his honorable mention 37-pound white seabass.