Searcher arrived at Fisherman’s Landing September 12 under owner-skipper Art Taylor’s hand, after a five-day 976-TUNA open charter.

“We fished albacore for a day,” said Art, “and then went down to Cedros Island, where we fished at the South End and up near the North End on the lee side.”

Tim James took top spot aboard the 976-tuna chartered Searcher tripIn his blog, Art wrote, “We made it to Cedros Island and caught some mackerel for bait last night. We fished the south end of the island in the morning and caught a few good-grade yellowtail. We left there mid-morning and moved up the lee to try a spot or two. The report from the day before was favorable so we made a move.

“We arrived at a spot where we have done really well in the past and had excellent fishing for mixed grade yellowtail. Most of the fish are in the 20-pound range with a few smaller. The primary method used was flyline mackerel or sardine with 30 or 40 pound test line. There were a few fish caught on dropper loops on the bottom.”

Tim James of Westminster won first place for a 37.8-pound albacore. He said he got it with a sardine on a 2/0 Flyliner hook, 25-pound Ande line on a Daiwa 40 reel and a Calstar 870 rod.

Tim’s brother Chuck James of LaPine, OR won second place for a 30.7-pounder, and John Wilmore of Temecula won third place for a 30-pound longfin.