Heading out for one of our weekend 2.5-day trips?

A recent Tackle Talk Live addressed these trips specifically–how to prepare for bluefin and yellowtail fishing, and what to bring. Here’s the video to review and a tackle list below:

Suggested tackle list from Capt Art (click links below for separate videos):

  • Your heaviest outfit with 80-100 pound line, for either fishing a flat-fall type lure or using a 16-ounce sinker for live bait
  • A 50-60 pound outfit for fly-lining sardines for tuna and or a yo-yo lure for yellowtail on kelp paddies.
  • A 25-30 pound outfit for fly-lining sardines for yellowtail.
  • Terminal tackle: flat-fall type lure, colt sniper, 2/0 J hooks, 16-ounce sinker