July 7

Hello anglers: Today we had good action on yellowtail. We arrived after lunch and after figuring out where we needed to be, we started to... Read More

Tuna Time!

Hello anglers: Great news from local waters with bluefin tuna caught in US waters! Some of the fish landed are up to 50 pounds. This... Read More

News from the field

Hello anglers: We have some encouraging news from points south today–yellowfin tuna within 3-day range in the past couple of days. Good conditions with warm... Read More

“First Blood”

Get yourself aboard the first trip of 2015–July 5-8–and bring the first 2015 fish aboard. You’ll win a prize from us: a Shimano flat-fall jig!... Read More

‘Tis the season…

…to make sure you have trip insurance for your upcoming fishing trip! Insurance coverage means you are covered in case of unforeseen circumstances that cause... Read More

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