Trip 27 Sep 24-Oct 1 (7-day) Sep 27 Midday Report

September 27th, 2017|Trip Reports, Uncategorized|

Hello all,

Happy B-day to Capt Ryan! He landed a yellowfin tuna this morning. Guess his birthday wish came true. Steady action on yellowfin tuna for everyone this morning. Plenty of fish in the 15 pound range and recently a lot of 20 pounders. Here is R2 (our “other” Ryan on Team Searcher) and Justin Henderson from El Cajon with a nice-looking yellowfin tuna.

Live bait is the #1 method today. 

More later,

Capt Art and Team Searcher

Trip 27 Sep 24-Oct 1 (7-day) is off and running!

September 24th, 2017|Capt Art's Blog, News, Uncategorized|

We’ve supposedly passed the end of summer, but for the 20 passengers starting their 7-day trip today, it sure felt “summery”! Warm weather welcomed our passengers departing on their week-long fishing adventure today!sstrip27-2018artfwsq

Capt Art was even showing off the new Fishworks design featuring our favorite lady: Searcher!

Trip 10 (5-day) Izorline- and Turner’s-sponsored trip is off and running!

July 23rd, 2017|Capt Art's Blog, News, Uncategorized|

Anglers were early to rise this morning so they could arrive at Fisherman’s Landing for early check-in for Searcher‘s Trip 10, the annual Izorline/Turner’s Outdoorsman 5-day.

Pro-staffers Wendy Tochihara and Lori Sachau were the first to board, with their cart overflowing with gear, giveaways and swag for our lucky anglers!


The boat departed at 8:40am to load up on bait. Capt Art called in to report they got  some nice-looking sardines and that they were headed for some Day One fishing! Check back here  for daily reports from the field!


Trip 5 Let’s Talk Hookup Jul 9-11 (1.5-day) July 10 Report

July 10th, 2017|Trip Reports, Uncategorized|

Hello all,

We have had an action packed morning so far! We are out with our first Let’s Talk Hook Up 1.5 day trip. The weather is outstanding with calm seas. Our first kelp paddie produced good action on small yellowtail. Everyone had multiple chances to land a yellowtail and I think most everyone did.

Our next kelp produced a few dorado! Lee Muncie from Seal Beach landed a nice dorado! Long time Searcher client Dave Nearing landed a dorado as well. Crewman Ryan Lindahn gets the assist. Tom P from LTHU sports the advertising for Pete Gray.

(July 10 Afternoon Report Follows)

Plenty of action this afternoon!!! Everyone had a great time catching yellowtail with a few dorado as well. The crew did an awesome job locating kelp paddies today. Mindy Smith from Huntington Beach landed this dorado. She got some great instruction from the crew today and it paid off. Mindy used 25 pound line and a 2/0 hook with a live sardine.

sstrip5-2017mindydoradosq copy

We are looking for yellowfin tuna the rest of the day. 


Team Searcher

Early Local Bluefin – Cracking the Code

July 2nd, 2017|Capt Art's Blog, Uncategorized|

It’s hard not to get caught up in the hype. For a few years now, signs of local BFT have influenced Searcher anglers to arrive for their early-season trips with heavy gear and  dreams of bucket-list “cow” fishing dancing in their heads.  As our Trip 2 departed last Friday, June 30, the tackle shop was abuzz with last-minute purchases of CA licences, flat falls and fluorocarbon, and excited talk of “yummees on the kite”. 

Yummees waiting to be rigged at Fisherman's Landing Tackle Shop

Yummees waiting to be rigged at Fisherman’s Landing Tackle Shop

Recent BFT fishing success  (including 100-pounders on 3/4 day trips) has been attributed to Yummee Flyer lures on the troll or on the kite. This popular soft plastic does a great job of replicating the skimming presentation  of a flying fish, natural prey of tuna.  Fishing and catching the elusive bluefin is a constant back-and-forth between science and intuition, trying to “crack the code” using the technology afforded by modern fishing tools and gear alongside the knowledge of experienced anglers and captains.

Each trip provides new data, bringing the dreams of anglers closer to fruition. Join us to see if your code-cracking skills land your own  bluefin on the Searcher deck! 

-Jen 🙂

October 23

October 23rd, 2015|Uncategorized|

Howdy anglers: Nothing to report for our efforts yesterday afternoon, but we did find some yellowtail action this morning before we had to call it a trip! The yellowtail were 12-15 pounds and most were caught on the dropper loop.

We’re headed home and then coming back out for our last fishing trip of the year. Currently the weather is good and the forecast looks good too.
Good angling,
Capt Aaron and the Searcher crew

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