Turner’s Outdoorsman 1.5-day coming up next!

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sstrip21-2017betoytGreat news! Turner’s swag kings Jason R. and Beto S. are returning to Searcher for one last 1.5-day trip of the season! Turner’s Outdoorsman has been a fantastic sponsor this year, whether supporting the L.A.S.S.Lady Angler Trip or the recent Trip 21 1.5-day.  We can’t wait to see what Jason and Beto will be bringing aboard for the lucky anglers on this trip! Stay tuned – we will share the news with you right here on Capt Art’s Blog!

2017 Penn Reels Open is coming up soon!

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Steve Carson is packing his bags in preparation for trip 25, the Annual Penn Open 6-day aboard Searcher! The 24 lucky anglers who are booked on the sold-out trip are probably doing the same! This swag-packed trip is highly-anticipated for the opportunity to field test Penn demo reels and participate in the generous prize offering organized by Steve!

Searcher office helper Bootz helps us to unpack all of the awesome prizes each year! Check out this year’s prize menu


Trip 22 Sep 1-4 Labor Day Weekend Special (3-day) is off and running!

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On this hot and sticky Friday, an eager group of anglers gathered to get out of town and get out on the water with Team Searcher for 3 days! This popular trip fills quickly each year, with many passengers returning annually to spend Labor Day Weekend with us! We will share the daily trip reports with you –  here! Good luck, Searcher friends! Have fun and don’t work too hard! 

Trip 21 Aug 30-Sep 1 Turner’s (1.5-day) is off and running!

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The Turner’s Outdoorsman-sponsored annual 1.5-day trip departed this afternoon under beautiful weather conditions and with a big pile o’swag from the generous folks at Turner’s! There were poppers, flat falls, hooks, squish jigs, fluoro and braid at the “Take One of Everything” Tackle Store manned by Turner’s reps Beto S. and Jason R.  Our anglers got stocked up as they made their way to their staterooms!


Searcher friends Don and Danielle Gaskill


are doubling up on 1.5-day trips, having just returned today from the LTHU Open 1.5-day!

We will be posting Capt Art’s daily trip reports here, so keep checking back!

Trip 19 LASS Aug 25-28 Lady Angler (3-day) is off and running!

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The Second Annual L.A.S.S. Lady Angler Searcher Special 3-day took off this morning loaded with swag from all of our generous sponsors! (Xtratuf, Turner’s Outdoorsman, Izorline, Pelagic, and Anglerettes!) Prostaffer Lori Sachau arrived with a cartful of goodies and prizes for the 27 lucky ladies on this trip!sstrip19-2017loriswagcartsq

After check in, the lady anglers new to the trip this year received a pair of women’s Xtratuf boots!



Upon boarding, they found Lori and Izorline’s Wendy Tochihara in the Searcher salon at a table covered with some amazing prizes!


Our LASS lady anglers are serious about fishing and will likely be sending some great reports from the field! Check back here to see how they are doing!

Trip 15 Ultra-limited load (5-day) is off and running!

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On this warm and beautiful Sunday, August 13, the 14 passengers on this ultra-limited load trip boarded Searcher in an orderly, organized fashion and this continued as each angler went to find their own personal stateroom. The 5-day trip began with Capt Aaron driving the boat away from dock at 12:20pm, on his way to the bait receivers to pick up some quality bait from Everingham Bros. for our small group of passengers ready to “get fishin’ during this 5-day vacation on the water. We will be posting Capt Aaron’s regular reports from the fishing grounds, check back tomorrow!

Pacific Bluefin Tuna will NOT be listed as endangered

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August 8, 2017

NOAA Fisheries has announced that, based on a formal scientific review, the listing of Pacific Bluefin Tuna as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act is not warranted. 

Read the notice in its entirety HERE.

“We conclude that the Pacific bluefin tuna is not an endangered species throughout all or a significant portion of its range, nor likely to become an endangered species within the foreseeable future throughout all or a significant portion of its range.” From the Aug 8 NOAA notice.

Trip 14 Aug 8-13 Accurate-sponsored (5-day) is off and running!

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Trip 14 took off today with 26 anglers looking forward to five days of fishing with Accurate pro-staffer Gary Gillingham!


He showed up with a pile of gear and giveaways to share, including some sweet Seeker rods decked out with the best reels from the Accurate lineup.


Trip 13 Aug 3-8, 2017 (5-day) is off & running!

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Our annual August 5-day with popular trip host Dennis Braid departed Thursday, Aug 3 with an enthusiastic group of anglers!We will be posting Capt Art’s daily reports from the fishing grounds!Check back here!

Anglers are talking about Colt Sniper flat fall lures to attract the yellowfin tuna on this trip. Learn all about flat falls, with tips from the experts here: Ask A Captain about Flat Fall lures.

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