Great Albacore Catch by Bill Roecker

July 7th, 2009|News|

Searcher jackpot winners and Izorline rep Norm FujimotoArt Taylor docked his Searcher at Fisherman’s Landing July 7 after a four-day trip with 24 passengers.

“It was rough,” he said. “We had 20 knots of wind.”

The wind didn’t seem to bother the longfin, however, as several anglers managed to bag limits on the Izorline charter. The three best albies of the season were also among the catch, also the best of the season so far.

Chartermaster Norm Fujimoto said, “Our best stop was for 32 albacore. Everybody fished hard, and some guys got limits for their trouble.

Harold Guy of Canoga Park presented the best fish of the season to date, when he brought his 35-pounder to the scales for Taylor to weigh.

“I knew he was big,” said Guy, but I was surprised he was that big.”

Harold said he got the big boy on a sardine and a 3/0 ringed Super Mutu hook. He won first place in the jackpot, and also won the Izorline Trophy for the best fish on Izorline. Guy said he used 40-pound Izorline on a Daiwa Saltiga 30 L reel, on an eight-foot Shimano TC 4 rod.

Norm’s son Darren Fujimoto won second place for a 28.2-pound albacore. Pete Groshong of Phoenix took third place for his 27.2-pound albie.

Searcher Sportfishing
Captains Art Taylor and Kevin Ward
(619) 226-2403 – Fisherman’s Landing


Cedros Yellows, Offshore Albies by Bill Roecker

June 18th, 2009|News|

Searcher jackpot winners display their fish at Fisherman's LandingSearcher returned to Fisherman’s Landing June 18 after a five-day Qualia Reels charter with 20 passengers aboard. One of those was chartermaster Kent Cremolini of Walnut Creek, who showed off a bluefin tuna, one of three caught offshore with 48 albacore and a few yellowfin tuna.

“It was an awesome trip,” said Kent. “We had really good people on the boat.”

“We fished a bit on the way down and then fished offshore again on the way back,” said owner-skipper Art Taylor to dock reporter Bill Roecker.

“We had good fishing at the island, with near-limits of yellowtail. Those fish were mostly 15 to 18 pounds, and they bit on the yoyo iron and on bait. Not many tried the surface iron.”

Searcher regular Mark Seals of Cambria wailed on the albacore, catching a two-day limit of tenChartermaster Kent Cremolini of Walnut Creek, shows off a bluefin tuna at Fisherman's Landing

Searcher regular Mark Seals of Cambria wailed on the albacore, catching a two-day limit of ten. His best one weighed about 24 pounds.

Doug Nance of San Diego took 15 minutes to wrestle with the trip’s best bluefin, a jackpot-winning 29-pounder.

“He fought well,” said Nance, who baited a sardine on a 3/0 ringed Mutu hook he said he found on the deck. He fished with 20-pound Ande line, a Torium 14 reel and a seven-foot Fenwick rod.

Dave Bell of San Diego won second place for a 25-pound yellowtail, and chartermaster Cremolini bagged third place for his 24.6-pound bluefin.

Searcher Sportfishing
Captains Art Taylor and Kevin Ward
(619) 226-2403 – Fisherman’s Landing

Penn University 2009 Trip (with Steve Carson aboard!)

May 27th, 2009|News|

5-Day Long Range Trip

Aboard Captain Art Taylor’s
Luxurious 95X24-foot
Fisherman’s Landing in San Diego
August 25 to 30, 2009
Yellowtail, Bluefin Tuna, Albacore, Yellowfin Tuna, White Seabass and more!
Prizes from:
Penn, Berkley, Sevenstrand, Owner Hooks, Flambeau and more
$1595, includes food and berthing
Limited to 22 anglers!
Not included are Mexican permits, possible fuel surcharge, soda and beer
For more information or reservations, contact Searcher Sportfishing
PFU director Steve Carson at

Searcher in Dry Dock

May 12th, 2009|News|

Everyone’s anxious for fishing, but first things first, like a bit of maintenance and our annual Coast Guard inspections. We’re in our dry dock period at Knight & Carver Yard in National City.


Searcher in dry dock. Her bottom looks great!

The crew and I have sanded part of the hull (two other parts were done in previous years) and re-painted. We took off 1,000 pounds of old paint this time, for a total of 3,000 pounds for the entire hull. I am looking for some improved fuel performance after that.

We also took out the propellers and shafts for inspection and to install new packing. The rudders and shafts were inspected and we put new packing there too.


What better way to begin my 25th year as owner/operator than scraping bottom paint!

We’ll start fishing on Qualia Reel’s open charter on June 13. Join us on this 5-day adventure, or at least follow along on the daily blog report on the web site.

We hope to see you aboard in 2009. We have some great trips scheduled and expect some exciting San Diego/Baja California fishing!

Capt Art and crew (and celia)

Jerry King’s passing

May 10th, 2009|News|

We will miss our regular June trip passenger, Jerry King, on the upcoming June 5-day trip, sponsored by Qualia Reels. Here is a first-hand fishing story about Jerry that makes us smile:

"So sorry to hear about Jerry King passing away so recently. We had the distinct honor to share a fishing trip with him back in 2007. It was blazing hot on that summer trip and I remember Jerry had a magic trolling lure that was a sure-fire boat stopper. It was an old red and white tuna feather with beat-up faded shiny stuff on the outside. Jerry claimed it to be the skin off a dorado. Every time he got up to troll that lure, he would hook up and bring the Searcher to a screeching halt. After Jerry got his fish in then he would head into the air-conditioned salon, leaving the rest of us outside getting sunburned waiting to catch the big one. Your cook would finish up whatever chore he was doing then sit with Jerry to play at cards. Nice. We should all be so lucky and blessed to do as well as Jerry when we get to that age.

I enclose a picture of Jerry that I took at the landing at the end of our voyage. From the looks of the cart Jerry did okay. No better homage than your friends helping you to get your catch underway. Thanks Celia and Art for have such wonderful crew and clientele. It’s what makes fishing the Searcher so memorable."

From another Searcher friend and regular, Ray Guardiano

Seven-day Trip Report

October 11th, 2008|News|

Seven Was Enough

by Bill Roecker

Searcher jackpot winners display their big tuna and a super skinny at Fisherman's LandingArt Taylor docked his Searcher at Fisherman’s Landing October 11 after a good seven-day trip to Alijos Rocks and San Pablo, where his 21 anglers caught tuna, yellowtail and an excellent bag of wahoo.

“We had a pleasant surprise this morning,” wrote Art October 9. “We woke up to a really good wahoo bite. I saw a few fish in our lights before daylight and when the sun came up it was game on. We had 33 wahoo before 7 am. We tried to get everyone up during the bite but not everyone had a chance to get a wahoo. For those passengers that were awake, they experienced wahoo fishing at its best.

“After that we tried for yellowtail and found fish on a couple different spots on the coast. We had good fishing and the majority of the fish were caught on yo-yo jigs. The yellows were 12-20 pounds so we had a great day.”

Two tuna and a wahoo shared the jackpot honors. The best tuna was an 89-pounder caught by Jim Berg on a sardine and a 3/0 Mustad hook. Jim said he fished with 40-pound Izorline and 65-pound Spectra on a Torium 30 reel and a Seeker 660 rod.

Dale Bunting of Cambria won second place for his 83-pound tuna.

A gold Raider jig accounted for a 58-pound wahoo presented at the scales by Dave Buck of Altadena, who won third place for the big ‘skin.

“We also had a good catch of dorado,” noted skipper Taylor, who was reloading Searcher for a shark trip leaving the same day.

Searcher Open: Two Fish Sweep

September 10th, 2008|News|

By Bill Roecker

Searcher angler Bill Zemba won first and second place aboard the five-day tripArt Taylor docked his Searcher September 10 after a five-day Let’s Talk Hookup/976 TUNA open charter with 20 anglers.

“It was slow at Guadalupe,” said Art, “so we went down to Benitos for yellowtail and fished offshore on the way back up.”

Bill Zemba of Castaic won first and second places for his yellowfin tuna of 35.2 and 33.2 pounds. He said they came on sardines and 3/0 ringed Mutu hooks. He fished with 50-pound Blackwater fluorocarbon and 50-pound Big Game line on a Penn Torque reel and a Calstar six and a half-foot Grafighter rod.

“It took about ten minutes on the big one,” he said. “I was lucky; I got the only two tuna we got on the boat.”

Delane Lytle of Granada Hill won third place for a 30.2-pound yellowtail. Another angler remarked that he had a yellowtail much larger than the other fish up to the boat when a white shark ate it.

Two Tusker Tuna From Guadalupe

August 24th, 2008|News|

Guadalupe is slowly rounding into shape, thinks Art Taylor, Searcher owner-skipper. He docked his boat at Fisherman’s Landing August 24 after a five-day trip with 17 anglers.

George Hartlmaier win first place for a 88.2-pound yellowfin aboard the Searcher“Whitey’s getting his share, too,” noted Art at the scales.

George Hartlmaier of Brianhead, UT won first place for a stout 88.2-pound yellowfin. He bagged that baby with a sardine on a 2/0 Mustad hook and a 40-pound rental outfit.

“Please put in a plug for my shop,” he said. “It’s George’s Ski Shop in Brianhead.”

Tanner Huffer of San Clemente made his second lineup shot in the past few weeks. He took second place for a 62.4-pound tuna he caught on a Tady AA jig in blue and white, on 30-pound line. The young waterman is on the surf team at San Clemente High.

Damon Nahem of Islamorada, Florida, won third place for a 34.8-pound yellowtail.

Albie Tops for Searcher

August 19th, 2008|News|

By Bill Roecker

Ken Roberts and Richard Hoagland swept Searcher's jackpotArt Taylor docked his Searcher at Fisherman’s Landing August 19 after a thee-day trip with 26 passengers. He remarked that the trip found tough fishing.

Ken Roberts of Fullerton won the jackpot for a 36-pound albacore. He found it with a sardine on a 3/0 Super Mutu hook, and used 30-pound Big Game line on a Shimano 20/40 reel and a Seeker six-foot rod.

Richard Hoagland of Newport Beach won second and third places for a 32-pound albie and a 30-pound yellowtail.

Pilot Rock Pays Off by Bill Roecker

August 17th, 2008|News|

The Braid Products charter aboard Searcher produced these jackpot winning fishArt Taylor brought his Searcher home from Guadalupe Island after a four-day trip with 27 anglers. He docked at Pt. Loma Sportfishing, as the Royal Polaris was occupying the facilities at Fisherman’s. Chartermistress Jan Howard, a Braid rep, made several notable catches, including a yellowfin on 12-pound line and a large yellowtail on 30-pound.

“We started out on the North End near Pilot Rock,” said Jan, “and we got some big yellowtail there, and some bigger ones on the weather side not far away. We had a night bite on slabs of scad mackerel, until the boat ran out of sinkers.

“Whitey showed up,” continued Jan, “and he got a lot of the sinkers. Once he breached on somebody’s yellowtail coming to the boat.”

Gary Holpuch of Golden Shores, AZ won first place for a 40.8-pound yellowtail. He said he got it with a sardine on a 2/0 Gamakatsu hook and 50-pound P-Line. He used an Avet LX reel and a Seeker 670 rod.

Greg Locke of San Diego tied with Ron Servis of Escondido for second place. Both men had 40-pound yellowtail.

Using one of the boat’s trolling rigs, Janelle Ross of Lake Forest cranked up a giant black sea bass estimated at 200 pounds, and released it.

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