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Trip #4 July 16-19 (3 day) Poseidon Fishing Adventures

July 18th, 2020|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good afternoon anglers,

We’ve been busy pulling on these big bluefin this morning, hence the late report. We’ve been in them all day and hooking them on the kite, flat falls and the sinker rigs. The sinker rigs has been the most effective. We currently have another heavy fish hanging. We’ll check back in a bit.

Captain Mike and the boys

Chuck with a 150# caught on a sinker rig on 80 pound test

Good evening anglers,

We were able to stay on these big bluefin all day and pick up a few more late. We had a foamer late in the evening where we hooked 5 or so on the Colt snipers and a couple on the sinker rig. It was an incredible sight to see!

Captain Mike and the boys

The fish that may take first place in  jackpot!

Trip #4 July 16-19 (3 day) Poseidon Fishing Adventures

July 18th, 2020|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good evening anglers,

No morning report today because we had a very tough morning on bluefin that just wouldn’t bite. We made a 20 mile move and it paid off. We were rewarded with an impressive showing of 150lb bluefin! We got here late and managed to boat a handful of fish.

We were getting bit on the sinker rig, Colt snipers and the frozen flyers on the kite. We will be right here in the morning. Wish us luck!

Captain Mike and the boys

Check here for tips on bluefin lures: Tackle Tip for Bluefin lures

Carl and his 134lb bluefin caught on the sinker rig

Trip #4 July 16-19 (3 day) Poseidon Fishing Adventures

July 16th, 2020|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good evening anglers,

We had a great start to our 3-day trip here with Poseidon Fishing Adventures. We got on the fish a bit late but still managed to score some bluefin and yellowfin late today. The yellowfin were 20-45lbs and the bluefin were 25-90lbs, and most of them were 50-70lbs. We suffered quite a few casualties. The go-to seemed to be the lures. Especially something heavy and shiny. Young angler Kessler caught his first bluefin hooked on a 10 oz rock cod lure I dug out of the tackle box this afternoon (see below). There’s a tackle tip!

Captain Mike and the boys

Remember your first bluefin?!

Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 108 (Line)

July 16th, 2020|Capt Art's Blog, Tackle Tip Thursday|

Happy Tackle Tip Thursday! Today we have a very special guest and Searcher family member Pete G. from Let’s Talk Hook Up! Pete gives us his must haves for line.  Power Pro line 80# of Maxcuatro with top shot of Fluorocarbon 40-80# of Seaguar.  Pete suggest to using a John Collin’s or Albright knot for the connection.

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Huge thank you to Pete G. from Let’s Talk Hook Up  and Gamakatsu for the tackle tips.

Ocean to Galley (Peppered Bluefin)

July 15th, 2020|Capt Art's Blog, Ocean to Galley Recipes|

Are you looking for an easy recipe for  Searcher-caught Bluefin? Team Searcher has you covered. The owners of California Keto gave us there easy to make seared bluefin that is not only easy but delicious! (Not to mention keto friendly.) We love anything ocean to galley and so do our friends at California Keto.  California Keto is a locally and family owned and operated Keto grocery store. California Keto is changing the way you shop for top quality Keto foods. Let’s get cooking and eating.


  • 1- 4 pounds of Bluefin steaks 

  • 1 cup fresh ground pepper (Just to coat both sides of the tuna)

  • 1/4 cup Sesame seeds or less just to coat the tuna.

Optional Dipping Sauce

  • 1 package of sugar free ranch
  • 1 Cup of sour cream

Mix and serve.


  • Let fish rest on the counter while you prepare ingredients

  • Cut fish to desired size.

  • Preheat pan to medium high heat.

  • Coat fish with pepper and sesame seeds on both sides.

  • Sear fish on each side for 60 to 90 seconds

  • Let fish rest and enjoy.

Thank you so much to our friends at California Keto! Make sure to head over to their website for all your keto needs.

What to Do in Encinitas After A Fishing Trip

July 14th, 2020|Capt Art's Blog, News|

Hello anglers! Here’s a suggestion from friends at Cardiff Vacations about extending your time off after a fishing trip with Searcher Sportfishing.

Maybe consider staying in the beautiful beach town of Encinitas! With a plethora of fun-filled activities Encinitas is your best bet for a great time with the family or friends.

Encinitas Beaches

Stretching from South Carlsbad State Beach in the North all the way to Torrey Pines State Beach, the beaches in Encinitas are perfect for all sorts of fun activities like: surfing, swimming, beachcombing and more.

Take your kids out when the tide is low and have some fun in the tide pools. Places like Swami’s or Cardiff State Beach are just two examples of spots where you can explore the tide pools and or maybe take surfing lessons from the many surfing schools in the area. If you are already an experienced or novice surfer there is no better place on Earth to catch a wave.

Kid Friendly Activities

There are many beautiful activities to do with kids in Encinitas after a fishing trip. If you didn’t bring them on board for your fishing trip, now is the time to spend some mellow quality time pier fishing. You can take them out to Oceanside Pier which is arguably the best spot in Northern County San Diego to go fishing. It stretches almost 2000 feet into the Pacific Ocean.

Take your family for a trip to the San Diego Botanic Garden and stroll through the 37 acres of rare bamboo groves, desert gardens, and tropical rainforest. The garden exhibits California native plants, Mediterranean climate landscapes, and a subtropical fruit garden.

San Dieguito County Park is a 125-acre park located on the border between Del Mar and Solana Beach. This place is locally popular for barbecues, weddings, and other group gatherings. Other facilities include a basketball court, hiking trails, a gazebo, and a playground.

San Elijo Lagoon Nature Center has a boardwalk pathway to follow through a lagoon, filled with educational material to read. Serene and not very crowded, this is a great learning experience for the kiddos. 

About the author: Julio Sanchez is a fishing fan and the owner of Cardiff Vacations, a group of luxury vacation rentals located in Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

Trip #3 July 9-12 (3 day) Seeker Rods

July 11th, 2020|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good morning anglers,

We stayed in the same zone this morning since we had such good fishing yesterda. We spent a lot of time looking at non-biting bluefin and yellowfin tuna. We did scratch some up, along with some dorado. We will be working up the rest of our afternoon looking for kelps.

Captain Mike and the boys

Bryan with the first dorado of our morning. Check out the nice mask thanks to Seeker Rods  and Sophie!


Trip #3 July 9-12 (3 day) Seeker Rods

July 10th, 2020|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good afternoon anglers,

We’re having a blast this morning out here! We’ve had good mixed fishing on yellowfin, bluefin, dorado, and yellowtail. There’s an incredible amount of fish in this area. We’re pretty busy at the moment, but we’ll check back later with a full report.

Captain Mike and the boys

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Good evening anglers,

We had a great day down here! We looked at lots of bluefin this afternoon that didn’t bite, though we managed to boat a few more. We loaded up on dorado and scratched away on 20-25lb yellowfin. It was non-stop action from sun up to sun down here. And we captured these fish every way imaginable.
Catpain Mike and the boys.

p.s. Want to join the fun? Jump on this weekend, light-load trip! JULY 23-26 3-DAY TRIP!! BOOK NOW!

Ezra with a quality bluefin captured this morning.

Jeff shows off a sample of our yellowfin catch

Trip #3 July 9-12 (3 day) Seeker Rods

July 9th, 2020|Capt Art's Blog, Trip Reports|

Good Evening anglers,

We departed on our annual July Seeker 3-day trip this morning with a nice load of bait. This afternoon we stumbled upon some large schools of mostly 50-70lb bluefin. They were in the non-biting mode however. We managed a few bites, but only landed one 30# bluefin. We’ll check back in the morning.

Captain Mike and the boys

Kevin and his 30# bluefin

Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 107 (Small Changes for Success)

July 9th, 2020|Capt Art's Blog, Tackle Tip Thursday|

It’s Tackle Tip Thursday! Today we have Nathan W.. from Penn Fishing. Nathan gives us some great tips for being the “Hot Stick” on the boat. It’s all about stay on top of whats biting.

Huge thank you to Nathan and Penn Fishing for the tackle tip.

Hook 🎣 more Tackle Tips here.

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