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Ask A Captain Week 9 answers – Wide World of Wahoo!

Photo Credit: Des Westmore

As the new fish in the Searcher office, it seems like every day I am learning something new about this exciting world of Southern California Saltwater Sportfishing!  For the last few weeks, I have been hearing one word more and more frequently: wahoo!

I’ve been doing a little research on this prized catch, since it sounds like this particular fish warrants a different approach for our anglers aboard Searcher.  I needed answers for our readers, who have been filling the “Ask A Captain!” inbox with loads of questions about how to prep for wahoo fishing.  I headed straight to Fisherman’s Landing Tackle Shop to talk to the experts!

Captain Pat Howard was at the counter, with the following answer for Steve K.’s question:

Should we wire our jigs or straight tie to our mono? Some other ideas being tossed around: doubling the mono with a Surgeon’s Loop or even connecting a short 3′ piece of 130 lb fluorocarbon to the mono and tying that to the jig.  -Steve K.

It’s not so much that wahoo have sharp teeth, and trust me, they do, but it’s more about how their jaw closes: their teeth slide by each other like scissors when the jaw closes.  This is what leads to a lot of bite-offs and causes so much loss of tackle: but you have to be ready to lose some lures, they can sever mono, fluoro or wire the same way I can with this pair of scissors.  

Steve, if you are going to use mono, I’d try doubling it with the Surgeon’s Loop or other loop of your choice.  This will give you just a bit of insurance when and if one of your mono lines is cut through.  It’s a popular method and works well when dealing with a pickier wahoo bite.  Because of the looped end, you will see better lure “swimming” action in the water. For your question about 130# fluoro leader, yes, you can definitely use fluoro but don’t have to go ultra high on the test.  Although fluoro is prized for its abrasion resistance, if the wahoo jaws come down on it just the right way, it will still sever.  Here at the tackle shop, we wire Raider jigs with single strand wire and a haywire twist.  With an o ring connector, you allow the lure to move around in a way that is very appealing.  Since most bombs come pre-wired also, use them that way!  Especially if they are biting nails – just get in there and get em’! – Pat Howard

Guess what?  There are actually professional scissors named “Wahoo” – because they are so sharp! Please watch your fingers when encountering the real-life inspiration for those scissors and be safe!  Now for a question about line from Tom C:

What color line works better? – Tom C.

Both Doug Kern and Pat Howard agreed, color is more a matter of the angler’s personal preference.  Pat cautioned against getting too concerned about what the fish will see, since you will likely have a leader on the end of that line, no matter what color it is!  For what “works better”, they recommended light colors for night or low-light fishing, simply because it will make your line easier to track visually and will help to keep you out of tangles.  If you’ve got visibility concerns, use a fluorocarbon leader, since it has a refractive index similar to water, it should be less obvious to your target fish.

Fast Flat-fall Follow Up!

Hi, I really enjoyed the recent Ask A Captain – Flat Fall Jig Special! Very informative and helpful.

One thing I was wondering is whether the jig works equally well for bluefin as well as yellowfin or whether one particular species favors it more than the other.   Thanks, Fred

Hi Fred – thanks for your question! I polled the experts and found out that flat falls are as tasty to bluefin as they are to yellowfin: they are an excellent addition to your tackle arsenal!  Go for it!

Thanks to all of our Searcher friends for continuing to send in such interesting questions!

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-Jen 🙂

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