Hello anglers,

We departed yesterday on a 6-day ultra-limited load trip. We decided to start off by heading west to San Clemente Island as there was a sign of the big bluefin tuna seen and caught the day before. This is a new development. These fish had disappeared for about two weeks but showed up again in the same zone. We arrived at 9 pm last night and it didn’t take long to locate a school of bluefin. In fact, we saw fish most of the night  and had no problem finding fish this morning. But unfortunately the bluefin didn’t bite for us. There were a few 40-50 pound fish caught, and we heard of two fish over 200 pounds landed by other boats. They were the lucky ones! There were other boats with the same opportunities as us with the same result.

With the hurricane dissipating and out of the area tonight as predicted, we are traveling south this afternoon and will be fishing for yellowfin tuna and dorado tomorrrow morning. We currently have great weather with light winds and a south swell that the storm has generated. We are also looking for kelp paddies the rest of today.

Wish us luck!

Capt Art and Team Searcher