Tighten up your tackle selections before your next trip with Searcher Sportfishing! Captain Art goes over another angle with four “Essential Outfits” to make a complete set for your multi-day trip. These outfits are flexible and can cover a variety of fishing conditions.

Don’t have everything? No problem! Let our land crew know when you book your trip and we can loan you what you need, or refer you to Fishermans Landing Tackle Rental.

Have too much? Consider bringing fewer outfits! We give you the minimum starter set here. We are grateful to use the rental tackle from Fishermans Landing in this video, but rods and reels from other tackle companies are recommended as well.

Always check our trip reports as your trip approaches so you know what’s biting and what tackle is needed.

Our complete 2022 schedule is published so book a trip and catch some fun with us!

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