Hey anglers, Today we tried various spots. We tried for shallow-water rockfish but unfortunately there wasn’t any current so we didn’t drift anywhere, which is key to having success with rockfish. We then went into the coast south of San Quintin looking for white sea bass but again there wasn’t any current. So we went out to Isla San Martin and finished the trip fishing the kelp bed next to the island. We were hampered by rain with some heavy downpours at times. We had a variety of fish: yellowtail, bonito, barracuda, lingcod, calico bass, and rockfish. We finished the trip with a little action and more time at the rail. The weather is great with calm seas and no wind, so we are having a great trip travelling north. What a great trip with world class fishing for three days at Cedros Island! Several passengers mentioned they have never had fishing that good before. Looking forward to running this trip next year. More news from Alijos Rocks, Capt Art