Hey anglers, Another excellent day of fishing at Cedros Island! We had similar action today on the same grade of fish. All the fish are in excess of 20 pounds and today John Curtis from the UK landed a 41-pound yellowtail. We don’t quite have our fill of yellowtail so we are going to stay another day and fish for yellows in the morning and then try drifting for halibut and white sea bass for the rest of the day. We weighed all the options and got an update on the weather forecast for the next few days and decided to stay where the weather is calm and the fishing is good. Our only other option was to travel 320 miles noeth to try for albacore and the reports aren’t favorable and the weather is going to deteriorate offshore. So rather than ending the trip on a sour note we will end it here in calm weather. All the regulars from past WON trips want to say hello to the Balades brothers–we all miss you guys! Looking forward to having you back aboard next year. More tomnorrow, Capt Art