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Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 44 (Reel Maintenance)

Today, we have Wes from Ken’s custom reels. Wes gives us some helpful tips on how to keep are reels running right. Great tips and even better work on reel maintenance. We take our reels to Ken’s Custom Reel at the end of every season to keep them working as if they were out of the box. Make sure you are using these tips and getting your reels tuned up at the end of the season. Thank you Wes and Ken’s Custom Reel for the great tackle tip. Here is Ken’s Custom Reel phone number (760) 967-7335 if you have any questions or want to take your reels in. 


Captain Art will be on Let’s Talk Hook Up this Saturday!

Captain Art will be on Let’s Talk Hook Up Saturday April 20th from 7-9am. 

The Mighty 1090AM is experienced some issues with their broadcast agreement that will hopefully be resolved soon. In the mean time, Let’s Talk Hook up will be doing their programs live this Saturday with Captain Art. Tune in on our Let’s Talk Hookup APP or click here to get hooked up.

These are the lines to call during the show, Ask your question on the air! 877-792-1090 or 858-457-1090. Fun and fish talk. Don’t miss it. ⁣

Come check out the Yo-Yo!

Join us for FREE Tackle Tips Live on Wednesday, April 24 at 6 p.m. at the El Cajon Turner’s Outdoorsman store. Capt Art will diiscuss yo-yo fishing methods and everything you’ll need to get ready to fish.

Click here for location:  Turners Outdoorsman El Cajon

Come ready to shop and fill up your tackle box–the season is here!

Trip Report

Guadalupe Island

Searcher has received permission to fish in the Biosphere Reserve of Guadalupe Island this season. So if you’re booked on a 6-day or longer, it’s one of the possible destinations. It’s an exciting prospect and adds another option for our trips!

Our captains will monitor the fishing and weather conditions and will determine the destination of your trip, based on the best fishing and catching opportunities.

C’mon tuna and yellowtail–we’re ready for you!

(NOTE: in order to fish Guadalupe Island, we must pass along additional costs for customs and immigration charges incurred in Ensenada and San Diego. We’ll publish those costs soon and notify all booked anglers in advance.)

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Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 41 (Hooks)

Today, we have Captain Art talking hooks, Owner Hooks that is. Owner Hooks has a new hybrid Mutu hook. It comes in ringed and unringed. It’s time to stock up before the season begins. If you are going to the Fred Hall Boat Show, Del Mar, stop by and grab a supply. If you head over to the Fisherman’s Landing Tackle Shop booth and buy $50 worth of Owner hooks, you will receive a FREE shirt or hat! What a deal!

For more tackle tips click here.


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