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Spring 5-day trip news by Bill Roecker

Searcher Finds Flatties
story by Bill Roecker
"We had 21 anglers," said Searcher skipper Art Taylor after a five-day trip June 21, "and 15 of them had their best fish. Nine anglers had the first fish of a species." "We fished at Cedros and in open water," continued Taylor, "and we found a little area where we had jig strikes and meter marks on tuna. We got nine albacore between nine and noon yesterday. The yellowtail fishing at Cedros was phenomenal, with the fish biting on all methods."

Halibut swept the jackpot. Roger Bookman of Fullerton won first place for a 43.4-pounder. He bagged that baby on a sardine, a 5/0 ringed Gorilla hook on 50-pound Big Game line, a Shimano two-speed reel (he didnít know the model) and a Calstar seven-foot rod. Scott Car of Chandler, AZ was second, for a 42.8-pounder. Tony Marasco of San Antonio, TX was third, for a 38.8-pound halibut.

The last Searcher lineup shot included Tony Altieri of Burbank, Kevin Mills of Del Mar and Roger Brookman of Fullerton, posing with three dandy albacore, the first such tuna of the season for the Searcher.

Trip Report

Jun 16-21

This 5-day trip had 21 anglers and they caught 313 yellowtail, 9 halibut, and 9 albacore. The jackpot winners are: (left to right)

  • Roger Brookman, Fullerton, CA — 43.4 # halibut
  • SCott Carr, Chandler, AZ — 42.8# halibut
  • Tony Marasco, San Antonio, TX — 38.8# halibut
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Wednesday morning update–ALBACORE!

Yep–we have eight albacore aboard! We are about 150 miles away from San Diego. One fish was caught on the troll (this one was about 22#) and ther others are bait fish. We’re hoping for more! More later, Capt Art

Tuesday report

We finished up our yellowtail fishing at Cedros Island this morning. Everyone has as much yellowtail as they want! We also caught a few nice halibut–Scott Carr, Tony Marasco, and John Stanley were the lucky anglers there. We are heading north to place ourselves in the bluefin tuna and albacore zone. Wish us luck as we try to land the first albacore on our deck for 2007. More later, Capt Art

Monday noon report

Just a quick note to tell everyone that the Cedros Island yellowtail fishing is a blast! We are catching 20-35# yellowtail on all methods. More later today, Capt Art

Hey anglers: The great fishing at Cedros Island continues. Several passengers have caught their limit of good-grade yellowtail here. Chef Randy “Lurch” Fickes wants all his adoring fans to know that yes, he has again caught a big halibut and will be serving it again to passengers for dinner. Capt Art

Father’s Day report

Hey anglers: We started off our trip today at San Benito Island. We got here around 4 p.m. and started fishing for yellowtail. The water conditions look great–blue water in the 60’s. The fish didn’t bite well but we picked up 18 fish in the 15-22# range. Scott and Kevin Carr (father and son) from Chandler, Arizona each caught a nice yellowtail today–around 20#. There are good reports from Cedros Island, so we are headed there next. More tomorrow. Capt Art

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