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Memorial Day Special

This 3-day trip had 25 anglers and they caught 70 yellowtail and 20 bonito. Photo by Jonathan Jones. The jackpot winners are: (right to left)

  • Mike Mayes, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA — 13# yellowtail
  • Mike Mayes, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA — 10.4# yellowtail
  • Mark Seals, Cambria, CA– 10.2# yellowtail
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Hey anglers, Our day was spent looking for yellowtail on kelps. We had to work hard for the ones we caught, but we ended the day with about three fish per rod. The size was from 8 to 12 pounds. The weather was great and the water temp was 62 to 63.5 and mostly blue in color. There were a couple of bluefin tuna caught in the fleet today so it is good to see a sign of those fish this early. We are headed west tonight to try a different area tomorrow to check out a good-looking pocket of warmer water. More tomorrow, Capt Art

Hey anglers, We decided to do some prospecting today by going out 100 miles to the west last night. There is a pocket of warmer water on the water chart that looked promising. We found the warmer water (62.5) and lots of good size kelps, but unfortunatley there wasn’t any fish on the kelps. We covered a lot of territory on this trip to scout things out for the future. We didn’t come up with very much but there are signs of life with blue whales and bait, so it looks good. The good thing is that the water is on the cool side which could be good for us in the future. There are signs of bluefin tuna in several spots so that is encouraging as well. It looks like we need a little more time for things to develop. We’ll run again on the June 1 trip to continue our tuna search. Capt Art

Memorial Day Special

Hey anglers, The 2007 season is finally here! The crew and I have been anxiously waiting for the season to start. We departed on our 10th annual “Captain Potatohead” trip with a great group of 25 passengers and a good load of bait. We headed southeast to a pocket of water that looked good. We hope to get some action on kelps for yellowtail. Maybe we’ll get lucky and see some sort of tuna. The weather is great and so we are looking forward to tomorrow. Capt Art

Need a passport?

No, not for our fishing trips into Mexican waters. As usual, we will ask to see your photo id (driver’s license, military ID) upon boarding the boat, but a passport is NOT required. There is one minor change: We are asked to supply Mexico with a list of our passengers’ name, address, phone number AND citizenship and birthdate. So we’ll be asking for a bit more information at check-in time. Call if you have any questions or concerns!

Gettin’ ready to fish

Hello anglers! We just launched the boat back into the water today after a 10-day maintenance period in drydock. We got all our annual inspections and bottom work completed with a lot of hard work. The boat will be at Fisherman’s Landing for some dockside work until we head out for its 37th year of fishing. We still have some spaces open on the first trip over Memorial Day weekend. We always have a good time on that trip and usually get into some early yellowtail and albacore. Hope to see you aboard in 2007, Capt Art

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