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News from Cedros Island

Hey anglers: We are having a great time with the Cedros Island yellowtail! We are landing fish in the 20-40# range on yo yo jigs and blue/whites, on 60# test. A few fish came aboard on a fly-lined sardine. Other fish were caught on surface jigs and dropper loops on the bottom. One highlight came for Chef Randy “Lurch” Fickes (on his birthday) when he caught a 45# halibut. He’ll be cooking that up for the trip’s end dinner tomorrow night. Also, John Avitia from Kingman, Arizona, caught a 35# white sea bass on a sardine! Gotta get back on deck, Capt Art

Hey anglers: Our early morning report from Alijos Rocks is about the yellowtail! We have 12 aboard from the outer banks here and they are 25-35#. We are heading back to the Rocks area and will fish til noon. Then we’ll head to Cedros Island where other boats have had some fantastic yellowtail fishing. More later in the day. Capt Art

Hey anglers: We’ve had a good morning so far. It started with us seeing jumping tuna and now we have 20 yellowfin tuna aboard. About 15 of them are in the 30-50# range. The difference from yesterday is that today we have some current. We’re hoping this continues for the afternoon. Capt Art

Hey anglers: The recap on today from Alijos Rocks: 27 yellowfin tuna in the 15-50# range (20 of them are 30-50#) and a few of those were caught on a sardine rig on the kite, and 22 yellowtail in the 15-30# range. Steve Carson from Penn got two 30# yellowtai using a blue/white yo-yo jig on the outer banks late in the day today. The weather is still great. Capt Art

Alijos noontime report

Hey anglers: We arrived at the Rocks around 9:30 a.m. and the weather is perfect! We’ve tagged about 12 yellowtail and released about 20 so far. Dennis Harvel has a 35#, Rick Garratt got a 25#, and Bill Zemba has a 20# yellowtail. We’re happy to be fishing! Capt Art

Alijos bound

Hey anglers: We left on our spring 7-day trip yesterday, with high hopes for some good fishing at Alijos Rocks. We are travelling and trolling today, enjoying the great weather and getting the arsenals ready. We arrive at the Rocks tomorrow morning. Wish us luck! Capt Art

Trip Report


This 1.5 day trip had 21 anglers and they caught 33 yellowtail and 15 bonito. Jim Kellogg of San Diego caught the jackpot, a 25# yellowtail.

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