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Departure for Let’s Talk Hook-Up Shimano seminar

Hey anglers: We’re off again on a 3-day trip. We got a amazing load of bait and we’re hoping to put it to good use tomorrow fishing kelps for yellowtail and dorado with all this great Shimano gear. Our weather forecast is looking in our favor and we’re hoping that it is correct. Good angling and hope to see ya on the water, Capt Aaron

Aug 7

Hey anglers: Today we had some pretty decent fishing for the amount of time that we had to fish kelps. The yellowtail were nice-sized and ranged up to 25lbs. We had 61 of the tag-able yellows and 4 dorado. There was a good chance to catch a few fish off of the right kelp. Fishing the right line size was important today. 30lb and up was needed to keep those yellows out of the kelp and be able to bring the fish up to the boat. We called the trip over in the early afternoon unfortunately, due to the fact that we were a good distance from home. Hope to see you on the water soon and good angling! Capt Aaron p.s. Thank you to Izorline pro-staffers Wendy Tochihara and Bob Horton for their support of this trip. See you next year!

Aug 6

Hey anglers, Well we had a little slower day on the water compared to yesterday. Today’s catch was 22 albies, four bluefin, two yellowtail, and one dorado. We are moving out of this area this afternoon, hoping to catch a few more this afternoon before we go for more yellowtail and dorado on kelp patties tomorrow. We are hoping to have a great last day before we have to head home. The ocean was full of life though. We saw fish that just didn’t seem interested in the food we had for them, numerous whales, several pods of common dolphin, lots of bait balls and lots of birds. Our weather is still nice–less than 15 knots of wind (which is around 17 mph for those wondering). Good angling and hope to see ya on the water, Capt Aaron

Aug 5

Captain Kevin reported in at 9:30 a.m. that he is in the albacore zone. They have 24 aboard already and they were making another stop with biting fish. These fish are 25-35 #. The weather is good too.

Day’s end report

Anglers: Capt Kevin reported a total of 60 nice-sized albacore for today. The weather is good and there are good signs of more fish in the area–jumping fish, sonar schools, and more. More tomorrow.

Father-Son Score

Father-Son Score

by Bill Roecker

Jason Fulton chartermastered the annual Accurate four-day trip aboard Searcher with owner/skipper Art Taylor. After the weigh-in he posed with the winners.

"We had excellent kelp paddy fishing," said Art at Point Loma Sportfishing, where he had docked to take some of the pressure off Fisherman’s Landing. Four boats arrived early August 4, creating a "dockjam."

Chad Creason of San Bernardino garnered the top spot for his 30-pound yellowtail. He got it with a sardine on a 3/0 ringed Gorilla hook on pink 30-pound Ande line. He said he used an Avet JX reel and a Calstar 755 rod.

Chad’s dad Clay Creason of Yucaipa was second for a 29-pounder, and Spencer Stoetzel of Baltimore, MD won third place for a 27-pound yellowtail.

Trip Report

Jul 31-Aug 4

This 4-day trip had 28 anglers and they caught 228 yellowtail, 58 dorado, and 1 released striped marlin. The jackpot winners are: (left to right)

  • Chad Creason, Yucaipa, CA — 30.2# yellowtail
  • Clay Creason, Yucaipa, CA — 29.6# yellowtail
  • Spencer Stoetzel, Baltimore, MD — 27# yellowtail

Accurate Products representative, Jason Fulton, is in the background. Photo by Bill Roecker.

more trip reports

Aug 3

Hey anglers, Today we went further offshore looking for some sort of tuna. We headed west of the area we were in yesterday, out in deep water. We saw lots of good conditions but unfortunately we did not see any tuna. We caught six yellowtail for the day. The weather is still great and the forecast looks good for the next week. Capt Kevin is running the next trip, so we’ll get some reports from him. Capt Art

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