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Trip Report

Aug 14-18

This 4-day trip had 19 anglers and they caught 260 albacore, 2 yellowtail, and 1 yellowfin tuna. The jackpot winners are: (left to right)

  • Joe Valle, El Monte, CA — 40.1# albacore
  • Don Culbertson, Sylmar, CA — 40.4# albacore
  • Mike Collins, Lompoc, CA — 38.6# albacore
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Aug 17

Hey anglers Today we started off in the albacore area and caught a few more. We saw lots of fish that didn’t bite, which is the same as yesterday morning. Afternoon seems to the best time of the day. We decided to go east for the afternoon to look for kelp paddies and yellowtail. We didn’t have much sucess unfortunately. We found the paddies but there wasn’t any fish with them. The reports from the albacore area in the afternoon were for good fishing. We hope it continues for awhile. The weather is good now with light winds and a little swell, and the forecast looks good. We are at the dock tommorrow and hopefully we can get away erly to get in some fishing time late in the day as a start to the next trip. Capt Art.

Aug 16

Hey anglers, Our move to the east paid off big time. We had a phenomenal day of albacore fishing today. The weather was good and the fishing was better. The fish in this area seem to be a little bigger than out to the west. We had a better percentage of 30 pounders today and we all thought there is a chance for some of the fish to be 40 pounds. We’ll see on Saturday at weigh-in. We tested the new batch of Braid Products Slammers today and had some success with them at the beginnig of some of our stops. The hot trolling feather was black and purple today. The pink one didn’t work in this area. Our plan is to fish here in the morning and head into the east to look for kelp paddies and yellowtail. More tomorrow. Capt Art

Aug 15

Hey anglers, We’re on the first day of our annual Braid Products sponsored trip. Long-range angler, Jan Howard, brought lots of giveaways as the Braid rep on this trip. We fished albacore today in some tough conditions–20 knots of wind and a 4-6 foot sea. We managed to catch 60 fish for our 19 people. Most of those fish were caught in one stop so that was exciting for a short time. The grade of this albacore is really great. When you land one of these fish, you know you’ve caught something. All the fish are over 25 pounds and there are some 35 pound fish. We only had three jigstrikes today but they were all on a pink Zuker. Just a tip for those fishing with us soon: You might want to pick up a trolling feather with some pink in it for color. There was some better fishing to the east of us today, about 30 miles away, so we are moving in there and we hope the weather is better also. More tomorrow. Capt Art

Daughter, Father Win by Bill Roecker

Pamela Bies won first place with a 34-pound albacore aboard the SearcherOn her second trip, Pamela Bies of Whittier won first place aboard the Searcher on a three-day trip with 22 anglers. Aaron Remy was the skipper. He said his best fishing came at about 80 miles, near the Butterfly Bank, inside the Cortes Bank.

“The best bite was from about eight in the morning to about one p.m.,” he said at Fisherman’s Landing August 14. “We saw lots of fish and some big bait balls.”

Pamela won for her 34-pound albacore. She got it with a sardine on a 4/0 hook, 25-pound fluorocarbon leader and 40-pound line on an Accurate-modified Penn 500 reel and a six and a half-foot Fenwick rod.

“He took me up to the bow and back, and across the stern,” she said. “I can’t wait to get home and show it off.”

Pamela’s dad Gary Heilgeist of Whittier won second place, for a 33.6-pound albie. John Avitia of Kingman, AZ won third place, for a 33.2-pound albacore.

Trip Report

Aug 11-14

This 3-day trip had 22 anglers and they caught 173 albacore. The jackpot winners are: (left to right)

  • Pamela Bies, Whittier, CA — 34# albacore
  • Gary Heilgeist, Whittier, CA — 33.6# albacore
  • John Avitia, Kingman, AZ — 33.2# albacore

Capt Aaron Remy is in the background.

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Aug 13-Aaron’s report

Hey anglers: Today was a great day! The albies bit once again and they bit better today for us then yesterday. The weather laid down and the sun came out. The grade of fish was the same–20lbs to 35lbs–beautiful fish. Our total for the trip is 173 and we are headed home. One thing to remember is that picking a good bait makes all the difference in the world. Good angling and hope to see ya on the water, Capt Aaron

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