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Trip Report

Aug 18-21

This 3-day trip had 28 anglers and they caught 14 albacore and 1 bluefin tuna. The jackpot winners are:

  • Mike Montgomery, Fountain Valley, CA — 29.4# albacore
  • Marcus Liese, Las Vegas, NV — 28.8# albacore
  • Del Hays, Duarte, CA — 26.5# albacore
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Trip Report

Aug 21-26

This 5-day trip had 21 anglers and they caught 280 albacore and 5 yellowfin tuna. The jackpot winners are (from left):

  • John Coughlan, Long Beach, CA — 38# albacore
  • Bob Schiffmacher, Yorba Linda, CA — 36# albacore
  • Herb Steinberg, Santa Monica, CA — 35.8# albacore

Photo by Bill Roecker

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Aug 21

Hey anglers, We are headed out of the harbor on our 5-day trip and we have a favorable report from the albacore zone. So we are going to start our trip out to the southwest of San Diego. It is unfortunate that our last trip had bad timing but the good news is they are biting again. More tomorrow, Capt Art

Aug 20

Hey anglers: I wish i could ya that they bit for us better than yesterday but they didn’t. So we were able to catch a few more albacore before we went home. There were lots of fish seen–jumping on the meters and sonar, but that’s why they call it fishing and not catching. Hope to see ya on the water and good luck, Capt Aaron

Aug 19

Hey anglers: Well we had a tough day today. The fish wanted nothing to do with us. We saw plenty on the grounds–jumpers, on bait balls, sonar marks, but they just wouldn’t bite. We were able to get some and a bluefin aboard. There are lots of bluefin around also. If they had gotten with the program and bit our hooks, it would of been great! We’re going to stick tough and hope they wanna bite tomorrow. Good angling and hope to see ya on the water, Capt Aaron

Aug 18

Hey anglers: Another 3-day trip here and we’re off to go chase those longfins. We’ll be starting first thing in the morning and hope to have a good report tomorrow. Good angling and hope to see ya on the water soon, Capt Aaron

4-Day Braid Charter by Bill Roecker

4-Day Braid Charter

Searcher angler Don Culbertson poses with his second place albacoreSkipper Art Taylor docked his Searcher after a four-day Braid Chartered trip. The boat’s 19 anglers got off at Fisherman’s Landing August 18. Charter mistress Jan Howard recalled rough waters the first day with good albacore fishing, but the next day they bit real well.

“Art was just great,” said Jan. “After those first two days of fishing albacore, the next morning we headed up to fish the kelps.”

Angler Stanford Parks of Oxnard said, “The Searcher is a five-star outfit. I’m going to sign up for next year’s trip, I didn’t know you could have so much fun!”

Joe Valle of El Monte took first place with a 41-pound albacore. Joe used a Mustad 3/0 hook on 25-pound Berkeley Big Game line, a Penn reel and a Seeker rod.

Stanford Parks never knew he could have so much fun!Don Culbertson of Sylmar was second for a 40.4-pound longfin and Mike Collins of Lompoc took third with a 38.6-pound albie.

“I slipped the first day out and pulled my hamstring,” said Collins.

“I caught one fish then spent the rest of the first day in my bunk. But it didn’t matter; I still had a great trip. What phenomenal albacore fishing!”

Three fat albies swept the Searcher jackpot.

“Everybody got their quota early,” said Skipper Taylor. “The fish we’ve seen all season long are finally biting, we’re all very grateful.”

Trip Report

Aug 14-18

This 4-day trip had 19 anglers and they caught 260 albacore, 2 yellowtail, and 1 yellowfin tuna. The jackpot winners are: (left to right)

  • Joe Valle, El Monte, CA — 40.1# albacore
  • Don Culbertson, Sylmar, CA — 40.4# albacore
  • Mike Collins, Lompoc, CA — 38.6# albacore
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