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Sep 2

Good news! We caught 54 albacore and 1 bluefin this afternoon. We’ll be at the dock on Labor Day. Capt Kevin

Sep 1

Anglers: All the boats fishing albacore today had a slow day, us included. We’re seeing the fish, but they aren’t biting too well. We had a few stops for just a few fish each time. This is still the average sized 25# albacore. Our weather is good and we have high hopes for tomorrow. Capt Kevin

Trip Report

Aug 26-31

This 5-day trip had 17 anglers and they caught 215 albacore, 6 yellowfin tuna, 2 bluefin tuna, and 43 yellowtail. The jackpot winners are (left to right):

  • Bill Zemba, Castaic, CA — 44# albacore
  • Roger Ulinder, Mission Viejo, CA — 40.8# albacore
  • Bill Zemba, Castaic, CA — 38.4# albacore and Doug Nance, San Diego, CA — 38.4# yellowfin tuna (tie)

An Honorable Mention goes to: Karin Bartels, Gillette, NJ — 37.4# albacore!

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Searcher Gets Near-Limits by Bill Roecker

Art Taylor brought his Searcher in to Fisherman’s Landing August 31 after a five-day trip that visited the albacore grounds and Guadalupe Island.

Searcher anglers display their big fish after a five-day trip that visited the albacore grounds and Guadalupe Island“We got near-limits of albacore,” said Art, “and then we went down to Guadalupe to try for some bigger fish.”

Taylor said his anglers had a fish going much of the time at the island, but between the losses from the light tackle the anglers used to draw strikes and the tuna that were eaten by sharks the catch was smaller than it might have been otherwise.

Bill Zemba of Castaic won first place for a 44-pound yellowfin and tied for third place for a 38.4-pound albie.

He said he bagged the yellowfin with a sardine on a 2/0 ringed Super Mutu hook on 40-pound Big Game line, with a 50-pound Seaguar leader. He used a Torium 20 reel and a six and a half-foot Calstar rod.

Roger Ulinder of Mission Viejo won second place for a 40.8-pound albacore, and Doug Nance of San Diego tied with Bill Zemba for third with 38.4-pound yellowfin.

Aug 30

Hey anglers, We finished our trip with a few hours of fishing at Pilot Rock at the north end of Guadalupe Island. We landed 15 of the 18-20 pound yellowtail and lost at least that many. So we had some action to finish the trip. Conditions are great there with 72-degree water and blue water with good current. We had a great trip with some variety and a chance at some quality yellowfin tuna and excellent albacore fishing. Capt Art

Aug 29

Hey anglers, Today we arrived at Guadalupe Island and we are headed for the south end. There have been reports of a few good-size yellowfin tuna there so we are going to try and catch a few this afternoon. We saw and hooked several yellowfin tuna in the 40-70 pound range. Due to light tackle and three white sharks, we were able to land only six. The largest was about 45 pounds and it was caught by long-time Searcher customer Bill Zemba of Castaic. All in all we had good action and we gave everyone a chance at a good-size yellowfin tuna. We also had some action on small yellowtail (8- 12 pounds) and we released several. We kept a few of the larger ones. Our plan is to try for yellowtail tonight and fish for a few hours in the morning and then head home. Last trip we didn’t see any fish that size so hopefully things are changing for the better here at Guadalupe. Capt Art

Aug 28

Hey anglers, We had another great day of albacore fishing. Most of the fish were caught after lunchtime. We didn’t quite get our limits but I’m sure everyone got plenty of fish. We also caught enough for a fresh fish dinner. It was the same conditions as yesterday with good weather and lots of fish around. We saw several spots on the sonar today and a few spots on bait balls on the surface. Since we have enough albacore aboard we are heading to Guadalupe Island again to see if there is any change there. we hope to catch a few yellowfin tuna and yellowtail for a little variety and a new place to fish. We will arrive around mid morning to the north end of the island. More tomorrow, Capt Art

Aug 27

Hey anglers, We had excellent albacore fishing today! And the weather is great again with light winds and calm seas. We saw a tremendous amount of fish today. It didn’t bite all that well but we had plenty of action and everyone had a good time. We are staying here again tomorrow. There is a saying in fishing that goes like this, “Don’t leave fish to find fish.” More tomorrow, Capt Art

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