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Aug 28

Hey anglers, We had another great day of albacore fishing. Most of the fish were caught after lunchtime. We didn’t quite get our limits but I’m sure everyone got plenty of fish. We also caught enough for a fresh fish dinner. It was the same conditions as yesterday with good weather and lots of fish around. We saw several spots on the sonar today and a few spots on bait balls on the surface. Since we have enough albacore aboard we are heading to Guadalupe Island again to see if there is any change there. we hope to catch a few yellowfin tuna and yellowtail for a little variety and a new place to fish. We will arrive around mid morning to the north end of the island. More tomorrow, Capt Art

Aug 27

Hey anglers, We had excellent albacore fishing today! And the weather is great again with light winds and calm seas. We saw a tremendous amount of fish today. It didn’t bite all that well but we had plenty of action and everyone had a good time. We are staying here again tomorrow. There is a saying in fishing that goes like this, “Don’t leave fish to find fish.” More tomorrow, Capt Art

Note from the office

Check out that light-load 4-day trip–Sept 12-16! Everything else is close to full, so don’t miss out on the 2007 fishing season. Email or call to reserve your spot. celia

Searcher Finds Longfin by Bill Roecker

Art Taylor docked his 95-foot Searcher August 26 after a five-day trip with 21 passengers. They found some good albacore fishing on the last couple days of their trip.

John Coughlan of Long Beach won the jackpot for his 38-pound longfin. He said he took it with a sardine on a 2/0 Mustad hook and 25-pound Ande line. He used a Newell 332 reel and a six-foot Truline rod.

Searcher winners found some plump albacore that wanted sardines.

Bob Schiffmacher of Yorba Linda won second place for a 36-pounder, and Herb Steinberg of Santa Monica was third, for a 35.8-pound albacore.

Aug 25

Hey anglers, Wow!! What a day! We had EXCELLENT albacore fishing today. I think everyone got all the albies they needed and for those that didn’t catch what they needed, they were given what they needed by other anglers. We stayed busy until 5 p.m. going from spot to spot of albacore, either jumping or on the sonar. We had fish on the trolling feathers, live bait and some fish on blue megabaits. Then we were out of bait and it was time to go home. The weather is great with calm seas and light winds. All in all, a great trip with the best day being today, the last day of fishing. We were able to go to Guadalupe Island for the first time and even though we didn’t catch anything there, everyone was happy to go there. More next trip, Capt Art

Aug 24

Hey anglers, We travelled all morning to get to the albacore area. We managed to catch 26 fish for our efforts. The fish are all nice ones–averaging 25 – 30 pounds. The weather is great so we are hopeful for tomorrow, Capt Art

2008 Schedule is Ready!

Please check the schedule link for our remaining 2007 trips AND our 2008 schedule! Our successful summer 5-day trips are back, as well as a new "fish down-fly back" trip in December, 2008.

Aug 23

Hey anglers, We arrived at Guadalupe Island just after lunch and we had a jigstrike on small yellowfin tuna 8-12 pounds. We released most of them. The conditions are great with 71 degree water and what we call “gin-clean” purple water. There was an obvious uphill current which is good for most for spots in the lee of the island. We headed down the lee to some of the traditional spots for yellowfin tuna. Unfortunately we didn’t find any signs of fish in all the spots we tried. There were two other boats that went all the way to the south end of the island with the same results. It was great to have the chance to go to Guadalupe and hopefully with the conditions being the way they are there, will be some good fishing there in the future. With the albacore counts being good today, we decided to head back north to try for albacore the rest of the trip. We will be back in the area before lunch time and hope we can have a good afternoon tomorrow. Capt Art

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