Welcome to a segment we are calling “Catching up with Anglers!”

We love to stay in touch with our Searcher family to share 🎣fish stories, recreate the excitement, swap tackle tips, reunite with old friends and maybe make new ones. We thought it would be fun to see how our anglers are holding up and share some of their stories. Hopefully they can give you ideas of things we can be doing with your time or help you feel better. Let’s catch up with an angler.⁠

Today we have a special, long-time Searcher family member and co-star of our Tackle Talk Live, Logan Flaxington!

Name: Logan Flaxington
From: La Mirada California
Job Title: Son, Fish Taco Chronicles Writer

  • What’s your typical day like?:On a typical day, I get up at 7:30, eat breakfast, maybe mess with some of my fishing equipment, then hop on my first zoom call at 8:30. From 8:30 until noon I’m on zoom for my school. After class, I eat a small lunch then go work on more fishing equipment, either experiment with new things, learn new knots, or learn different techniques. After that, I either clean out boat or wash my truck. From there, it usually gets close to dark so I end my day with eating dinner with my family, and watch TV.

  • Share your best tackle tip:Always feel/check your line, make sure it’s in good shape. You don’t want to hook that once in a lifetime fish after spending thousands of dollars to get the opportunity, and lose it due to a simple knot or line failure.

  • Who or what got you into fishing? My dad got me into fishing. Ever since I was 3 years old, I would head out on our boat with him and learned a little something every trip. Also, the fact that you never know what you may see or experience out on the ocean keeps me hooked as well.
  • A “must have” in your tackle box is:Pre made heavy leader. I never leave the dock without a heavy leader in case I come across a big shark or swordfish on the surface.
  • Favorite fish dish?Poki bowl
  • What kind of fish is inside your fish taco?Vermillion rockcod, or calico bass
  • Favorite hobby other than fishing: I run cross country for my school when I’m not fishing.
  • What Searcher trip are you most excited about? The annual Penn-sponsored trip in September, always been one of my favorite trips to do.

  • Favorite fishing memory:2 years ago, I was on a charter boat going for yellow fin tuna. It was me and a couple of my buddies and we went out to the butterfly bank. From 3:30am till 8am we had seen no sign of life. Then at 8:30, the ocean suddenly came alive and 30-40 pound yellowfin were boiling everywhere, then the big bluefin started boiling. We set the kite out and witness 200-300pound freight trains jumping out of the water at that dead flyer. Of course we only hooked the 150 pounder, no 200-300 pounders but it was a sight unimaginably cool.
  • Fish you are looking forward to catching: Roosterfish