Welcome to a new segment we are calling “Catching up with Anglers!”

We love stay in touch with our Searcher family aka anglers, to share 🎣fish stories, recreate the excitement, swap tackle tips, reunite with old friends and maybe make new ones. We thought it would be fun to see how our anglers are holding up and share some of their stories. Hopefully they can give you ideas of things we can be doing with your time or help you feel better. Let’s catch an angler.⁠

Today we have a special angler who is a staple on the Searcher. She is a great angler and she knows what she is doing on deck. 

Name: Anne
From: Redondo, CA
Job Titles: Former Doc

  • Day in the life during quarantine: Checking fishing chit chat and landing sites; thinking about next trip

  • Challenges during quarantine: Patience while waiting to get back out to sea.

  • Tackle Tip: Sharping hooks, fresh line.

  • Benefits: Confidence when you get hit.

  • What’s on tv: Ozark

  • New stuff you dig: still looking online for the “ultimate” jig stick.

  • Positives: Getting Enough sleep

  • Weird thing you’ve done: Will not overshare, thanks for asking.

  • What’s in/must have in your tackle box: Blue tape and sunscreen.

  • Anything you are stocked up on: ⁠Iron (way overstocked)

  • Favorite fish dish: Grilled yellowtail with salsa

  • Motivation: Surviving intact with family and friends

  • Fish you are looking forward to catching: WAHOO, crazy fun!

Thank you so much Anne! We hope to see you on the water🌊soon!⁠